Electrowelded nets

The electrowelded nets are used to protect the machinery employed in carpentry, industrial plants, construction sites, furnishings and more. The panels are made with raw polished steel, galvanized steel and Aisi 304 stainless steel, with sections ranging from 2-10 mm in diameter and square, rectangular or differentiated meshes. The maximum dimensions achievable are of 2x6 m: within such dimensions, we can make panels with various outer finishes; spiked, trimmed or lined with one or two edges.

Customized nets

In over more than 50 years of history, Longo Reti specialized in the customization of nets.
The versatility of our installations allows us to implement panels with different meshes and shapes and to meet the increasingly more demanding needs of our customers.

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Standard nets

The automated installations are suitable for standard panels with raw polished wires, galvanized steel and Aisi 304 to ensure high quality features.

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Special nets

The special nets are made on installations that require templates to house the wires that need to be welded and which are characterized by a high level of flexibility in terms of size and shape.

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